The Grifter is RSGC’s student voice. The College’s senior student publication is a reflection of our unique school culture, RSGC’s own blend of satiric and serious creative expression.

Our team, like most clubs in our school, meets regularly (Tuesdays, at 1 pm, in S102), at least once a week. We are a student-led publication.

What’s the inspiration for our title? A grifter is a con artist, a trickster, and since a great deal of writing–whether fiction, satire, or nonfiction that artfully shapes facts into an absorbing story–is a kind of a lie told to reveal truths, we think it’s a fitting name for a publication that we hope invites readers to give themselves over to some stories, to immerse themselves in some perspectives different from their own, to suspend their disbelief from time to time, and to arrive at some truths less accessible than in obvious, literal declamations–though you’ll find those here too.

We are always open to contributions and new members. If you are an RSGC senior student reading this, you are welcome to submit work (writing, images, video, and audio) for consideration.

Please email us at grifter@rsgc.on.ca.

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