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Lil Pump: Trapper of the Century

By Jack Longwell

For all my life, music has always been there for me. Through my ups and my downs, the sounds of artists from around the world were along for the ride. Some of these artists are Grammy winners and millionaires, some, much humbler. My parents always exposed me, from a young age, to multiple different genres. By listening to a wide variety of music every day, I’ve started to appreciate what kind of ridiculous talent and drive it takes to pursue your dreams of becoming a musician. With all this knowledge in my repertoire, I’ve started to consider myself as a bit of a musical connoisseur. Often times, I can even go as far as to think that I’m above my peers and start acting as if my taste in music is better. This is why I find it so ironic when I say that I love the music created by a rapper named Lil Pump.

A quick backstory: Lil Pump is a 17-year-old trap rapper who resides in south Florida. He started making music two years ago now, and quickly gained a lot of popularity on a music streaming service named SoundCloud, with a lot of his fans referring to him as “Trapper of the Century.” The music that he makes is, by any definition, horrible. While many of the greatest rappers around decide to focus on in-depth lyrics and vocals that fit the beat of the song, Pump opts to instead go with immature and repetitive verses while being backed up by a heavy base beat.  He’s also gained a large, almost “cult,” following on Instagram from his ridiculous videos of him shoving massive guns in his mouth, and yelling ESSKEETIT (a word he created to shorten the words “let’s get it,” pronounced Esh-Get-Et).

Despite all of his shortcomings, I still somehow find myself always coming back to his music. This, as I’ve already stated, is something that seems a little weird to me, due to my usual inclination to gravitate towards music that is more generally considered “good.”  His repetitiveness makes the songs very easy to rap along to. This also means you can learn all the lyrics on either your first or second listen through. His heavy base beats hit me with a sudden burst of energy whenever they come on, leading me to always listen to one or two of his tracks before sporting events to hype myself up. And finally, his lyrics almost have a comedic effect, which in the end adds even more to the entertainment factor of the song. While he might not be the savior of rap music that some people make him out to be, he certainly is quite the entertainer, and he and will probably be sticking around for quite some time.

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