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The Flash: So Bad, It’s Good

By Finlay Gane

In 1860, Hector Urquhart brought a very valuable perception into the world when writing his novel Popular Times of the West Highlands: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” This famous quotation sums up tastes in clothing, food, and even TV series.

Since the invention of comic book characters in the 1920’s, hundreds of characters have been invented or created. The Flash, one of DC’s most famous comic book characters, has been featured in numerous comic strips, as well as TV series and even movies. In 2014, the TV series called The Flash was aired and millions of people started to get into the show. It’s directed towards young audiences, so you would rarely see grown men watching it because the humour can be considered imperfect or cringe-worthy for an adult. This is one of the main reasons why I love the show so much.

Ever since the pilot aired, I’ve been watching it every Tuesday night at 8 PM EDT. I’m one of those people who just loves superpowers and fantasizing about them, so when I heard about the series, I got very excited. It did not disappoint, and as the episodes continued, I started to watch with my father. I loved watching the show with him, because it’s childish, corny, and most of all, imperfect. We watch to laugh at the imperfections and yell when The Flash loses to a man with a bow while being able to run at the speed of light, because I know that in a “real-life” situation, The Flash would win in that situation 9.9 times out of 10.

It may not have a good storyline, it may not have the best villains, but I love it because of its flaws. It’s not a perfect TV show; it’s humorous for that reason. Being able to find perfection in an imperfect world is one of the best qualities a person can possess. Turning something unenjoyable into one of the most enjoyable activities, without changing a single thing, is a true gift that only a small percent of our population can do. I love The Flash for its imperfections, I love it for its corny humour, and most of all, I love it because it’s bad.


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