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Recommended Reading for RSGC Reads

By Luca Morgante

Books. Some have great memories and associations with this word, but if it makes you think back to the days when your parents made you read those things before you could play that new Call of Duty or Halo game you just got, you’ve come to the right place!

Our job is to convince you to give books a 2nd, 3rd, 4th or 5th chance. For those of you who are reading this with great uproar because you love books, then you too have come to the right place.

The RSGC Reads Council, made up of your peers, have spent a few months after school on Thursdays and Fridays selecting 4 books that we believe are the best of their genres at the present time. We are also planning some fun events that will take place in the new year that will get you interested in reading and thinking about these books, and hopefully sharing your opinion about them.

It’s our hope that you’ll pick one (or even more) of these up over the December or March break, so you can take part in some events during an early April RSGC Reading Week.

Here are the 4 books:


Ready Player One

By Ernest Cline

Key Elements of Book: Video Games, Futuristic, Dystopia

Have you ever wanted to be in an overpopulated, short-of-energy,  dystopian world? Then this is the book for you! Wade Watts is just like a every other human in this world who plugs into OASIS, a virtual reality system that lets you have anything you want and do anything you want to do in it. (That’s until he (and the rest of the world) realizes that they are stuck in the game! No, that isn’t the story, but it would have made for a good book, though. Where was I, oh yes… like many, James strives to find the jackpot of this virtual reality world that the creator has hidden in it. It promises wealth, joy and power to whoever can find it. Then James stumbles upon a clue to lead him to the prize. Suddenly he has made enemies both in the real world and the virtual one who want to kill him. So overall, it’s an action-packed page turner that is very popular.    



By Laura Hillenbrand

Key Elements of Book: World War 2, Non-Fiction

Young Louie Zamperini is basically just a generally bad person, until he finds out he has a passion for track And field. After beating all high-school records in his town of Torrance, California, he travels to Berlin in 1936 to participate in the Olympics. After that, his career is cut short as he enlists in the air corps of the United States of America. The book then goes into great detail about his adventures fighting in the war and being shot down and captured. So if you want a book that is about sports, war, fighting, love, moral injustices, and forgiveness, then this book is for you!


The Martian

By Andy Weir

Key Elements of Book: Space, Futuristic, Survival, Humor

The plot of this book is very basic but full of humorous elements here and there, but also some very sad parts too. Humans have just launched their first mission to Mars, and had a very good first trip when a big storm hits and one crew member dies. Or so they think. The good news is that he is alive. The bad news is that they realize this after they have landed back on earth. The rest of the book is basically just about him trying to survive until his crew comes back and gets him.


All The Light We Cannot See

By Anthony Doerr

This book captures the stories of 2 teenagers, a girl living in France and a boy living in Germany who enlists in the army, and how they cross paths during the course of World War 2 and are forced to make hard choices for their survival in this hard and dangerous time. I really can’t say anything more about this book without giving it away. When I read this book, I must have inflicted a lot of pain on my parents by using up all the tissue boxes I came across and how many times I shouted with joy and woke up the neighbours while reading this book. So if you like staying up till 1 in the morning balling your eyes out with joy and sadness, then this is the book for you!

Multiple copies of all of these books are available to borrow in RSGC’s library. In the new year, there will also be opportunities to purchase any of these books through the school.

Happy Reading!

Luca Morgante (on behalf of your RSGC Reads Council: Robert Kurdyak, Aidan Turnbull, Jesse Wilson, PC Ascherl, Jamie Stephenson-Smith, Stefan Knezevic, Connor MacDougall, Callum Manson, and Luca Morgante)

2 thoughts on “Recommended Reading for RSGC Reads

  1. I truly commend the boys on this committee for their selections. Having read and enjoyed all four of these books, I think there is something here for everyone. I hope all Georgians make a selection and enjoy some great reading over March Break.


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