Giving Back

img_9020“I think that the Day of Service is a really good means to help out our community. I think that today was really fun and involved great teamwork; it was a team building experience for the members of the advisory group. It is important to pay our bid and better our community. It is our duty to give back and improve the world we live in. One cookie at a time. Also, James is a really cool guy.”

This post of The Humans of RSGC highlights the Day of Service as experienced by  Ms. Totten’s advisory group; on this day, volunteers worked fervidly in the kitchen to prepare a meal for that Friday. It is important to recall this day when (as a school) we “gave back” to our community. In lieu of the holidays (a time characterized by giving) it is paramount to consider giving and/or aiding those in society who are disadvantaged. A simple act could have a significant impact. Thus, I implore you to give back this holiday and (hopefully) throughout the new year.

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