Farewell to our Feline Friend


By Denis Miller

At RSGC, everyone knew who she was; her nature was demure and elusive, and yet, she had an affinity for human interaction: Kiki loved people, and people loved her.

It is true, in most scenarios, a cat in the classroom is not everyone’s cup of tea, especially one as crafty as Kiki (who on more than one occasion, found herself in a precarious situation and as far as the senior art room). But even as Kiki caused mischief, her charm was appreciated by the students.

Her name became commonplace and her role surpassed anything anyone foresaw in the local cat who meandered about the school grounds. I distinctly recall hearing stories of Kiki’s antics prior to my starting at RSGC, but it wasn’t until one of my earlier PE classes in the fall of grade nine that I first encountered the acclaimed cat.

I stood in the crisp autumn air, combating the frigid temperatures and a gnawing exhaustion. Despite my wretched state, Kiki approached and unflinchingly brushed against me, beckoning me to pet her; and thus, in that moment, she effectively alleviated my turmoil.

Although I since had few encounters with Kiki, I have always been appreciative of her and the relief she brought with her mere presence.

In lieu of Kiki’s passing and her subtle yet significant impact on our community, it felt fitting to share one of many “Kiki stories,” and I implore you to do the same. She will be missed dearly, but her memory will be forever enshrined in the history of RSGC and celebrated for years to come.

Farewell Kiki, our favourite feline friend.

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