I Choose Her

Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic Party's nomination for President on the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, July 28, 2016. (Photo by A. Shaker/VOA CC BY 2.0)

Hillary Clinton formally accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination for President on the fourth night of the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia, July 28, 2016. (Photo by A. Shaker/VOA CC BY 2.0)

By Ryan Hamilton

The American people are faced with a choice. They can choose between Hillary Clinton, one of the most qualified people ever to seek the Presidency, having overseen the Clinton health care plan as First Lady, and served as Senator from New York and Secretary of State. I get why people don’t like Hillary Clinton. She has been around a very long time, and she has made mistakes that have stuck. The Clinton Healthcare plan, Whitewater, Lewinsky, Benghazi and the emails are all examples of things that have stuck, but despite these, she is still someone who is experienced, smart and has a plan that, in addition to making sense, also happens to exist.

Hillary Clinton has been in public service for most of her adult life. When she was First Lady, she pushed for a health care plan and is the only former First Lady to ever seek elected office. She served as a Senator from New York from 2001-2009, a relatively difficult period for the state. She later served as Secretary of State, during which she laid the found work for the Iran Nuclear Deal, got an agreement on climate change at Copenhagen, and helped plan the raid which killed Osama bin Laden. However, the Presidency is more than a resume. If it was just a resume, then Secretary of Agriculture and former Governor of Iowa Tom Vilsack would be in a prime position to win. The American people will have to choose between her and the Republican presidential nominee, an orangutan known as Donald J. Trump.

Trump’s presidential campaign has been founded upon the worst in America. Trump has exploited the worst in people to make people afraid and used that fear to make people trust him, a technique used by aspiring dictators in the past. He is convincing Americans that they are in danger, when the economy is strong and the terrorists are losing. He has made people look at immigrants, not as the future, but as the end. He has insinuated that a judge cannot fairly judge a case involving Trump, a case where he probably defrauded budding entrepreneurs, because of the judge’s Mexican heritage. This was something that even Republican House Speaker Paul Ryan called “Textbook Racism.”

Then there is the mess of the foreign policy. First off, he has no real plan to fight terrorism and his excuse is that he doesn’t want ISIS to know what the plan is. It is no secret that his puny excuse for not having a plan is not working, and it is obvious that he has no plan. However, some elements of his counter-terrorism strategy have emerged from the black hole of policy that is Donald Trump. He has proposed stealing the natural resources of Iraq, a country that happens to be a US ally. He has proposed targeting the families of terrorists which happens to be a bit of a war crime. He has proposed making vulnerable allies pay for their support and withdrawing from NATO. He has also proposed a religious test for immigrants entering the US that defeats the entire purpose of the United States. One of the first groups of people to come to the US were Puritans escaping religious persecution, and they would not have passed a religious test.

If I was to use the level of civility that politics deserves, I would say Trump is an intolerant fear monger. However, if I was to use the level of civility that Trump uses, that is no level at all, with some personal insults thrown in, I would say he is a racist, xenophobic, misogynistic, chauvinistic, miserly, egotistical and idiotic orangutan with tiny hands. Most Trump supporters are probably pretty unhappy with me over those past twelve words, but that is the point.

Why are people going to get mad at me for saying this, when they are fine when he calls women pigs, Mexicans rapists, mocks a disabled reporter, praises Saddam Hussein, insults the family of a soldier who died in Iraq, serving his country in a way that Donald Trump is incapable of, not to mention all the allegations made in the last week? The sentence that I said earlier was the embodiment of everything I hate in politics and was merely focused on trying to tear someone down rather than build something up.

Politics should be a place of ideas, where people propose different ideas and challenge the ideas so they can be dissected until a combination of enough good ideas is found and then put into action to solve real problems, not tear each other apart while trying to stay popular enough to win an election. There are many Republicans who I greatly respect and would make good Presidents. Donald Trump is not one of them.

From all corners of politics and from all corners of America, people must unite to reject a vision of America that brings out the worst in us and instead vote for a woman who has the vision, experience, knowledge and smarts to keep America, and the world, great.

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