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20 Under 20: Review of Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen & Bar


Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen & Bar, 268 Howland Ave.
By Julian Russell

Welcome to RSGC’s very own restaurant review column: 20 Under 20! Great food, for less than 20 bucks, in under a 20-minute walk from campus. Ever been curious about the many mouthwatering delights the Annex has to offer? Get the inside scoop on a new local joint every month and read about the next top meal to be had off campus!

Just a seven-minute walk north to the south-west corner of the Howland/Dupont intersection lies our first feature: Chadwick’s Craft Kitchen and Bar. Easy to spot with its vibrant red and white signage, this homey eatery is warm and inviting. As you open the door, the lively chatter of the lunch time rush hits you, just as the aroma of Chadwick’s many amazing house specials catches your nose. As you step inside, you are greeted by one of their amazing hosts and are shown to a variety of seating options. If possible, grab a seat by the window and watch people amble by, or if with a larger group, find a comfy booth in the back. Now properly seated, the fun begins… ordering food.

Before we delve into meal recommendations, it’s important to understand the Chadwick culture. This is no ordinary sandwich bar, so prepare to get a little hipster. Each meal is fresh and inspiring, made in house with artisanal ingredients. Flavours are bold and the taste is the real deal. Now down to ordering!



We have two lunch recommendations: The Rancheros (11.5$) and Big Smoke (12.5$). Rancheros? An amazing combination of Mexican and American styles. The dish consists of two fried eggs with baked beans, guacamole, pico, cotija cheese, and a corn tortilla to top it all off. It is jam packed with flavour, and also looks delectable (see Instagram @“the.grifter”). Throw some house made ketchup in and if you are feelin’ fiery, a splash of hot sauce too! And The Big Smoke? This gives even Smokes a run for its money! Think poutine, but with a more sophisticated touch and enough smoke to out-smoke real, actual smoke. House brisket, slow cooked with love to perfection, oaxaca cheese, glaze, fries, onions, salsa verde and curtido all in one. This mean and cheesy combo is dangerously good and takes your typical fries and gravy immediately to level 9000.

Big Smoke

Big Smoke

Feelin’ thirsty? Wash it all down with one of Chadwick’s very own hand-crafted sodas. With a selection of authentic flavors, each soda delivers a refreshing punch and a blast from the past. Try their very own Sarsaparilla Soda. It’s not your typical drink; quench your thirst with this 1950’s American classic.

Next time you feel like heading off campus for lunch, or a spare magically materializes last period on a Friday, try Chadwick’s. Your inner foodie won’t regret it. Happy eating!

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