Buzzing Before Third


By Simon Peterson

The buzzers are smacked as soon as the players think of an answer. Reach for the Top, or “Reach,” happens every day in the Senior School at lunch. It’s a team-based trivia club that tests competitors on the culmination of all those fun facts you and your friends may share, but in a more formal, academic setting.

Ms. DeBlois explains the origin of the club name: “R42T stands for Reach For (4) The Top — there are 2 Ts in The and Top and it’s not Tsquared because the Ts aren’t the same — it’s nerdy….but true.”

RSGC’s Senior team consists of Jamie Stephenson-Smith, Ryan Hamilton, Ben Anderson, Rod Behbahani, Nicholas Geist, Cameron Meakin, Alex Forgay and Thomas Latimer. There is also a Junior team with Joe Kenney, Callum Manson and Jonathon Parker. There are also many guys who play every day at lunch who are not part of a competitive team. Madame DeBlois and Ms. Ghoreshy are the faculty advisors.

Madame DeBlois recites each fact as fast as the previous question is answered. Energetic would be the best word to describe the gathering. The team members sit in front of red buttons which they tap, with next to no hesitation, when they have answers to the questions about anything and everything you can think of.

“It’s kind of like Jeopardy,” explains grade 11 Jamie Stephenson-Smith.

The team stays consistently focused on the questions at hand, though they are relaxed and have fun. Trivia teams have always been popular in schools. Reach is not just a form of entertainment; it’s also a competition with other schools. That’s part of the fun.

Through practice, the team is getting quite strong. These boys are a dedicated group. Last year, the Junior team won Regionals (Toronto Downtown League), and the Senior team represented RSGC at Provincials. They have a promising year ahead and hope to compete in the Nationals in May.

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