Smart Phones, Dumb People

Licensed by shutterstock.

Licensed by shutterstock.

By Dominic Hanna (a.k.a. Deep)




Smart phones, dumb people
Our devices have touch screens, and yet we’ve lost touch
We have iPhones, and yet we don’t know ourselves

We login, and stay in
We watch top ten countdowns, as our time on the earth counts down
“Ten things you didn’t know about the human condition, number 4 will shock you!”

Our headphones block out the sounds of the universe
Television characters are our only friends
We are more invested in the lives of the Simpsons than we are in our own

The world grows warmer
Our hearts grow colder
They say the world is evolving, so why are we going backwards?

We control video games, but cannot control ourselves
Our grandmothers play Farmville, but we are the sheeple
Our phones are not the only thing that die every day

We save our data in the cloud, be we don’t see the silver lining
Our devices’ memory grows, but we forget who we are
We check Facebook everyday, but when was the last time you picked up a Realbook™

Plants grow around us, but we do not
When we turn our devices on, we turn our souls off
The world gets smaller as our screens get bigger

Social media makes us antisocial
We are connected to the internet, but not to each other
We make tweets, but we don’t stop to listen to the birds

We produce more smog than we do joy
As we slowly kill the planet, we slowly kill ourselves
We drive cars, but what drives us?

It is time to wake up, and shut down
To log off, and look around
We are dying

The planet is crying
We are blocked off from the world
Our perceptions of reality are curled
I think you will agree-ah
Technology is our hamartia

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