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Winter is Coming: Get Out of Your Comfort Zone


By Liam O’Sullivan

I still remember my first day of working at a ski resort. I had to take two young skiiers up a chairlift (I’m a snowboard instructor, so this isn’t easy) to bring them to their lesson up the hill. As they sat down on the chairlift, I turned to pull down the bar and in an instant, my kids had slipped off the chair and into a big snow pile. It was a fall of a grand height of about 3 feet, but I realized instantly I had forgotten to secure the kids on the seat before I had secured the bar. I learned an important lesson that day: pay attention to the details, especially in a job.

It snowed for the first time last week, and as the Starks from The Game of Thrones would say, winter is coming.

Everyone has a different winter routine: intense hockey schedules, staying warm inside, or if you’re like me: skiing or snowboarding every weekend. If you’re already an avid snowboarder or skier and feel you’ve exhausted lessons, maybe it’s time to teach those lessons.

Maybe you ski once every few weeks. Maybe you go up to Mount Tremblant with your friends once a year and hit all the black diamonds. But no matter what your skill level or dedication is, I think you should consider giving back and teaching others how to enjoy your sport. Although this can apply to everyone in the College, I’m mainly aiming this at the grade nines and tens. High school is all about maturing and taking on new challenges and responsibilities. Taking a job is a big first step and why not do something fun? As a snowboard instructor, I can safely say that it’s an enjoyable job that leaves you plenty of time to yourself on the hill. Plus it pays. Once you receive your certification to teach skiing or snowboarding, the wages are quite reasonable, and if you put in the time, you can get plenty of money.

So this year, try something new. Get out of your comfort zone. Teach skiing or snowboarding. You won’t regret it.

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