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Three Albums That Have Made My Year

By Liam O’Sullivan

Every year, thousands upon thousands of albums are released to the world. Although there is a vast selection of music, we often only hear a sliver of it. This year, I’ve found many great albums but have picked three to share with you. I hope you enjoy my thoughts on three albums from 2015 that made my year great.

#1 Tame Impala- Currents

Tame Impala 1

Tame Impala is a psychedelic band that makes spacey and mesmerizing music with vocals that some have claimed sound strikingly similar to a young John Lennon. Throughout the years (2008-present), the band has refined their sound. Currents is their 3rd release and possibly most ambitious. Instead of their regular heavy psychedelic guitar sound, the band, according to the band’s leader, Kevin Parker, tried to create “psychedelic rock music you could hear at a club.” The result of this was an album that mixes minimal electronic beats with Parker’s vivid and energetic guitar sound. The music evokes feelings of change and sadness, but also happiness and bliss. This album is great for anyone who likes electronic or psychedelic music, and I highly recommend it.

#2 Mac Demarco- Another One


The 2nd album I enjoyed this year was Mac Demarco’s Another One. Another One is a sprawling mini-LP that features songs about love, loneliness and heartbreak. It captures these themes through old analog recording techniques, simplistic and watered down guitar sounds, and a torrent of emotion. The album is a collection of personal songs by Demarco that feature an ocean/coastal vibe. Demarco was born on Vancouver Island and now lives on the opposite coast, in New York. This vibe can be heard throughout the album with its ocean sounds, especially in his last track. On this last track is 2.5 minutes of the tide coming in and out. At the end of the song, DeMarco finishes his album by telling you his address and inviting you to come visit him, which to me is a pretty cool touch. Overall, it’s a great album of the pain of love and solitude of rejection.

#3 Drake- If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late


The 3rd and final album that changed my 2015 for the better was none other than Drake’s surprise album, If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late. Drake (aka 6 God) is a Toronto rapper that many people in the RSGC community have come to appreciate and enjoy. Drake has been a beacon of support for this city and has created great music along the way. His latest album was dropped overnight and produced a craze on the Internet. Drake has come a long way in his music making days, from Degrassi to being one of the biggest rappers in the industry. This album features Drake unleashed. No longer is he restrained by obligations; he sings about his success, his city, and he takes a hard look at it and evaluates it. The album is mostly made of darker and more minimal beats. Compared to other albums, this one feels quiet but more powerful. It has Drake extending his full talent as a rapper and speaking his heart on issues important to him. Overall, this album was a great show of Drake’s maturity, it’s fun to listen to, and it showcases one of the best musicians from our city.

I hope these albums inspire you to find new music that you enjoy. Hopefully you can find music that changes your year for the better, that influences you to become more creative, and to become a better person.

If you have any suggestions or albums that made your year, share them in a comment below!

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