I am From RSGC

By Jack Vanden Broek

I am from the layby on the first day of school,
I am from the bedhead and my pillow stained with drool,
I am from the far back of the bus trying to make new friends,
I am from the flipped canoes and failed polar bear dips, brothers till the end,

I am from the narrow hallways and the chaos of the swarm,
I am from the tiny classrooms where new ideas are born,
I am from the yearly struggle, the math class and the French,
I am from the beep test panting on the bench,

I am from the words, “Manners maketh men,”
I am from the Ketchum lunch line asking “dear God, when?”
I am from the Library, the weathered shore of the shifting student tide
I am from the Black Box, lights on, heart racing and eyes open wide,

I am from the man I am and who I want to be,
I am from the second home we call RSGC.

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