Where I’m From

Alex Anagnoson

I’m from eating lunch on spares, starving every other day
I’m from friendships that will never break, no matter what they do or say
I’m from the inevitable Evensong, followed by Dr. Death
I’m from English class, acting out Macbeth

I’m from teachers greeting me in the hall, even though most don’t know my name
I’m from rocking out on the piano (indeed, my claim to fame)
I’m from having conversations with friends in the small halls
I’m from getting angry with others when they do the same

I’m from waking up on Mondays, depressed at what’s ahead
I’m from getting over it fast, realizing there was no need for the dread
I’m from Advisor meetings on Fridays, the highlight of my week
I’m from studying hard for Trig, being a geek

I’m from ups, downs, friends…rollercoaster rides
I am from work, stress, sadness, but I must abide
By everything that school gives me
Because it all ultimately ends in gladness

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