The Things We Say

By Eric Dong

We all had dreams when we were younger, what we wanted to become, who we wanted to be, and how we wanted to change the world. There are so many jobs out there in the world, and we could only choose one for the future. I had so many ideal dream jobs that I wanted to choose from, but first, I had to begin my planning.

Everyone wants to be a doctor. You save lives, you’ll be well known, and you make big bucks. Who wouldn’t want to become a doctor? I remember that I even wanted to become a doctor! A doctor! Can you believe that? I clearly forgot the fact that I get queasy just from the sight of blood. I must have been lured by the fact that doctors made a lot of money.

At another point during my life I wanted to become a boxer. The idea of being super strong and beating everyone up inspired me. So I did some “training” and got together with some friends to have a few fights. Naturally, we ended up in the principal’s office. That was the start, as well as the end, of my boxing career.

After my boxing plan failed, I decided that I needed to do something fast. Time was passing fast, and I needed to have a plan for the future. I watched a TED talk and decided that I was going to be a professional speaker. After all, all you needed to do was to talk, right? So I practiced talking! I practiced everywhere, at home, at school, and even on the streets! People who walked past just gave me looks. I couldn’t blame them for being jealous that they couldn’t speak as well as I could. I was so into my plan that I began to practice in class. One day at school, our teacher was sick and we had a substitute teacher. We were having a study session, and I was talking about how you could move your hand really fast above a candle flame without feeling the heat. No one believed me, and I didn’t even believe it myself, since I never tried it, just read the fact off a book. So there I was, talking about hands and candles, when suddenly, “Shut up!” The supply teacher yelled at me. Two careers ended that day.

By that time, I was running out of options. I spent so much time on my career cruising, that I didn’t have enough time for school. I mean, I had a job to do while I was studying. I had to choose one or the other. This time, I was really in a bind, I had no job, my schoolwork was going downhill, and I was about to graduate from elementary school. That was when I decided quit my job, and decided to focus on my grades, and save the job searching for the future.

Everyone has dreams. Everyone has a wish. It is what we live for, a goal. Each and every one of our goals is unique.

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